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rodent in a warehouse

Mouse Removal in Portland

If you live around Portland you have no doubt heard of the crazy rat infestations around here. Mice are actually even more common than rats. Mice  are one of the most common pests found in homes and businesses. While they may seem harmless, mice can cause serious damage to your property and pose health risks …

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How to clean up rodent droppings safely

Did you recently discover a rodent infestation in your home? Maybe you found a mouse nest in a random spot in your garage or saw a rat scurry across your kitchen floor? Whatever the case, rodents can make a big mess. Cleaning up rodent droppings can be a fairly simple process, but it in important …

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Norway rat

How to trap Norway rats

About Norway rats The Norway Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) is a hardy, adaptable, aggressive, and sly mammal. It has been in America for over 250 years and is well known for it’s large size, along with it’s burrowing habits. Norway rats will often create burrows around sidewalks, home foundations, patio slabs, or any other protected area. …

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Why a broken vent screen could cost you $10,000

It’s Fall time here in Portland and this is the time of year when rodents start seeking shelter inside of homes and other structures where they might have previously nested inside in bushes and trees during the Spring and Summer.  Here are the top 3 reasons to keep your crawlspace vents SEALED, why it’s so …

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