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About Us

About The Owner

My Family and Me

Yes, I have four amazing little children.
Yes, I know where children come from.
Yes, I’m probably going to have more.
That’s why I own a business.

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About The Owner

Hello! Thanks for checking out our business.  My name is Gabe and I am the owner of Pest Patrol. My mission is to provide the best possible pest control services to customers, while using products and techniques that are safe for children, pets, and technicians. Almost 100% of the products that we spray are all-natural. I have four wonderful children, and a beautiful wife - and I would never use a product on a customer’s home that I wouldn’t apply around my own children. That’s why we use almost exclusively all-natural spray and granular products. I have modeled my company after some of the great service providers like Home Depot, Amazon, Chik-fil-a, Oil Can Henry’s, Les Schwab, and more. I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work - if you don’t love the service we will give you a full refund. Our pricing is simple, and our service will exceed your expectations. I promise.

~Gabe S.