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If you live around Portland you have no doubt heard of the crazy rat infestations around here. Mice are actually even more common than rats. Mice  are one of the most common pests found in homes and businesses. While they may seem harmless, mice can cause serious damage to your property and pose health risks to you and your family. Here are four health risks of mice and multiple ways to deal with a mouse infestation. At the end of this blog you should see why mouse removal is such a vital aspect of pest control.

Health Risks of Mice

  1. Contamination: Mice can contaminate food and surfaces with their droppings, urine, and hair, which can spread diseases like salmonella and hantavirus.
  2. Allergies: Mice shed their hair and dander, which can cause allergies and asthma symptoms in some people.
  3. Structural Damage: Mice can gnaw on electrical wires, insulation, and building materials, which can lead to costly repairs and even fires.
  4. Fleas and Ticks: Mice are known carriers of fleas and ticks, which can transmit diseases like Lyme disease and plague.

Popular mouse removal strategies: 

  1. Poison: Mouse poison is a popular option for eliminating mice. However, it’s important to use these products with caution, especially if you have pets or small children. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and place the poison in areas where mice are likely to travel.
  2. Trapping: Trapping is a humane way to capture and remove mice from your property. There are various types of traps available, including snap traps, glue traps, and live traps. Snap traps are the most effective but require careful handling to avoid injury.
  3. All-Natural Methods: If you prefer to avoid chemicals and poisons, there are several all-natural methods to repel mice. These include using peppermint oil, placing mothballs or cotton balls soaked in vinegar around the house, and keeping your home clean and clutter-free.
  4. Professional Pest Control: If you’re dealing with a severe or recurring mouse infestation, it’s best to call in a professional pest control company. They can assess the extent of the infestation, identify entry points, and provide a customized plan for eliminating the mice from your property. Mouse removal shouldn’t be a painful process – a good pest control company will make it easy. 

It’s important to address a mouse infestation as soon as possible to prevent damage to your property and protect the health of your family. If you’re dealing with a mouse problem, consider using one or more of these methods to eliminate the mice and prevent them from returning. And remember, if you need assistance with mouse removal, Pest Patrol is here to help.

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Gabe, Katie and team were great! They were very helpful and super quick responsive and efficient. I also love to support small local business- and this company went the extra mile and were SUPER responsive !

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They were extremely responsive, explained everything and overall great service.

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Sam did a very good job of getting rid of my ant problem. He knew what to look for and found where they were coming into the house. I would highly recommend Pest Patrol.

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Gabe is amazing. We highly recommend his work. We are really thankful for the quick turnaround, attention to detail, and great support that Gabe provided through the whole process

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I hired Pestpatrol to take care of an ant problem inside my home. Gabe was professional, patient and very thorough when he diagnosed the problem. He communicated what the solution was, discussed safety of the recommended products and performed the work efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend pestpatrol.

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My shop has had an infestation of rats for over 9 years! I tried traps and occasionally caught a rat but always they came back. On their first visit we discovered two entry points for the rats and plugged them up. After a few rats caught, my shop has returned to normalcy. Thank you Pest Patrol.