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Fruit flies are a common nuisance in homes and can be quite difficult to control. These tiny insects are attracted to ripe and decaying fruits and vegetables, as well as sugary substances like soda and wine, and organic matter. Fruit flies reproduce quickly and can become a major infestation in a short period of time. We will list some common pest control treatments available and provide our recommendations on how to eliminate fruit fly infestations.

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The first step in controlling fruit flies is to remove the food source. This means removing any overripe fruits and vegetables, as well as any open containers of sugary substances. Make sure to dispose of these items in a sealed garbage bag and take them out of the house immediately. Clean your kitchen thoroughly, paying special attention to areas where fruit flies may breed, such as drains and garbage disposals. Much of “pest control” is actually making environmental changes to help reduce a pest population.

Next, use traps to capture the adult fruit flies. There are a variety of commercial fruit fly traps available for this type of pest control application, or you can make your own trap by placing apple cider vinegar in a jar with a small amount of dish soap. The vinegar attracts the fruit flies, and the soap makes it difficult for them to escape. Place the trap near the area where you see the most fruit flies.

The last area to check is the garbage disposal - this should be thoroughly cleaned with a bio-sanitation product to eat away any organic matter around the drain area. We recommend using a scrubber to remove debris and ensuring everything is rinsed at the end using hot or warm water. 

If you have a severe fruit fly infestation, you may need to use a pesticide to control them. Pest Patrol offers an effective fruit fly treatment for $397, which includes treatment of up to 5 drains and installation of all-natural fruit fly traps around hot spots.

We use all-natural spray/cleaning products to eliminate fruit flies without the use of harsh chemicals.
Pest control for fruit flies can be tricky since the most important aspect is finding a food source - but with the correct skills and products you can completely eliminate a fruit fly infestation. 

It's important to note that preventing fruit flies from entering your home in the first place is far better than having to do pest control after an infestation has occurred. Make sure to store your fruits and vegetables properly, and keep your kitchen clean and free of food debris. If you have any cracks or openings in your windows or doors, make sure to seal them to prevent fruit flies from entering.

In conclusion, controlling fruit flies can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can eliminate them from your home. By removing attractants, using traps, and considering a pesticide treatment, you can get rid of fruit flies and keep them from returning. Call Pest Patrol today at 503-985-6523 to schedule an inspection and get started on controlling your fruit fly problem.

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