Spider Control for Commercial Buildings

At Pest Patrol, we understand the challenges that commercial buildings face when it comes to spider infestations. Spiders can disrupt business operations, create a negative impression, and even pose health risks to building occupants. Our specialized commercial spider control services are designed to effectively address these challenges and keep your commercial building spider-free.

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The Importance of Spider Control

Spider infestations in commercial buildings can lead to several issues:

Business Disruptions

The presence of spiders can disrupt daily business activities, causing discomfort and anxiety among employees and visitors.

Negative Perception

Spider webs and sightings can create a negative impression and harm the professional appearance of your commercial building.

Health Risks

While most spiders are harmless, some species can deliver painful bites, potentially causing health concerns for those who frequent your building.

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Our Specialized Spider Control Solutions

Pest Patrol offers specialized spider control solutions tailored to the unique needs of commercial buildings:

1. Thorough Inspections:

Our experienced technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your building to identify spider infestation sources and entry points.

2. Targeted Treatments:

We use safe and effective treatments to eliminate existing spider infestations and prevent future infestations.

3. Web Removal:

Our team will remove spider webs and egg sacs from your building's exterior and interior, restoring a clean and professional appearance.

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Don't let spider infestations disrupt the functionality and image of your commercial building. Trust Pest Patrol for all your commercial spider control needs.

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Our Reviews

See what our happy clients have to say about Pest Patrol!

Joseph S.

Responsive, professional, and transparent pricing. Tech did a great job explaining where the mice were getting in and what the mitigation would be. Would use again!

Namita D.

Gabe, Katie and team were great! They were very helpful and super quick responsive and efficient. I also love to support small local business- and this company went the extra mile and were SUPER responsive !

Would use them again in a heartbeat!

D.A Wiley

These guys are the best and I would highly recommend them! Easy to schedule and reschedule with, plus such a delight and professionalism with them. I don’t review companies very often unless I think they are wonderful, and these guys fit that bill. Thank you Gabe and Adam

Stephanie B.

They were extremely responsive, explained everything and overall great service.

Dennis M.

Sam did a very good job of getting rid of my ant problem. He knew what to look for and found where they were coming into the house. I would highly recommend Pest Patrol.

Brian S.

Gabe was professional and informative. We would recommend his services to others.

Darcy M.

Very thorough. Listened carefully to our needs and serviced all areas. Also very happy they came at all in weather conditions no one else was venturing out in!


Gabe is amazing. We highly recommend his work. We are really thankful for the quick turnaround, attention to detail, and great support that Gabe provided through the whole process

Jim S.

I hired Pestpatrol to take care of an ant problem inside my home. Gabe was professional, patient and very thorough when he diagnosed the problem. He communicated what the solution was, discussed safety of the recommended products and performed the work efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend pestpatrol.

Chris T.

My shop has had an infestation of rats for over 9 years! I tried traps and occasionally caught a rat but always they came back. On their first visit we discovered two entry points for the rats and plugged them up. After a few rats caught, my shop has returned to normalcy. Thank you Pest Patrol.